At denkstatt we don’t just believe in corporate social responsibility, we live it. Social and environmental responsibility and sustainability are integral to our business strategy. Our experience shows that building sustainability into your business model can leverage immense opportunities.

Code of Conduct

This is just who we are. The seven denkstatt principles from our Code of Conduct


We practise what we preach. And vice versa.

Every single one of us is a principled human being – and a bona fide denkstatter. These two aspects of our existence are not contradictory – together they make up the approach, the convictions and the way of life that we share.  

We believe in your commercial success. And our own.

They say money makes the world go round. And we agree. We aren’t environmental idealists - we’re sustainability consultants. Which is why we place major emphasis on the commercial side of every project. Ecological and social projects and processes must always produce long-term gains for the environment, society and your business.  

We’re always good. Sometimes we’re even better.

It’s easy to spot a denkstatter: we always work on a project with conviction, dedication and purpose. Our priority is to serve our clients as well as we can, with a focus on sustainability. But don’t worry, we won’t lecture you or try to convert you to a cause – we work cooperatively, keeping you aware of the latest sustainability solutions.  

We’re always at the cutting edge of our industry. Or moving beyond it.

Our clients come to us expecting answers to questions – whether they are about the current challenges they face, or specific issues concerning their company’s future. This means we have a duty to stay one step ahead, and never to rest on our laurels. Our success is founded on this approach.  

We value respectful silence. But when we do speak, it’s always in confidence.

To us, each client is our only client. Confidentiality and integrity go without saying whenever we handle sensitive information about our clients and a project’s development. But every client still benefits from the experience we gain from working with others, and what we have done in the past. At the same time, we always keep our word – and therefore, we might promise a little less than others do. Which means we can keep our promises or even exceed expectations.  

We like to win. But only when it’s fair and square.

We’re very ambitious. We’ll do almost anything to be the best in our field. But we know that a victory that isn’t won fairly is no victory at all, at least not by our standards.  

We’re not quite family. But we’re a great team.

At denkstatt, we value the people who work for us, and each member of the team is unique and irreplaceable. This means that we take each other seriously and listen to everyone. It also means that we support each other, learn from one another and make sure that even when the going gets tough, we maintain a healthy balance between work and the rest of our lives. And those aren't empty words, but another of the principles we live by.

Sustainability Reports

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