Why denkstatt?

Helping to shape the future is an article of faith for the people at denkstatt – and a passion we all share. We see it as a great privilege to be doing the most exciting job we can imagine.

What do we do? We find answers to today’s big questions and tomorrow’s, put our faith in unorthodox projects and implement them, and keep plugging away at tricky projects and issues – all in the cause of environmental sustainability and the kind of society we believe in.

We do that every day, in tandem with our clients, as part of collaborative research projects, or in conjunction with our network partners. Our extensive experience in sustainable consulting helps our clients to develop and implement solutions which ensure that today’s decisions will be sustainable for generations to come – because “Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come.” (Victor Hugo)

We understand the challenges facing organisations today

Our advisory services not only help you find effective responses to environmental degradation and meet society’s expectations, but also enable you to transform your company’s approach, behaviour and processes.

Where others see problems, we see opportunities

New business opportunities are emerging in today’s changing world – opportunities to create new products and services with lower environmental and social impacts, and higher brand value than those they supersede.

We understand stakeholders’ perspectives

We know how to engage with both internal and external stakeholders around sustainability issues, and bridge the gap between their varied perspectives.

Our team and our network of partners

Our broad-based in-house management and technological expertise across the “triple bottom line” (“people, planet and profit”), and our communication skills enable us to develop bespoke solutions. Our partners add to the scope and flexibility of our services.

We are value driven

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy, and sharing our vision with our clients.

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