Environmental Protection

Is there still anyone out there who questions the value of protecting the environment? Next to no one, if you put it like that. But there are not many people who grasp every aspect of this central issue as well as we do – or have as much experience of it.


Do you have a clean bill of health in terms of your environmental performance? A straight answer to this question is often the key to taking the right decisions about your project. A comprehensive due diligence review and environmental impact assessment put you in the picture, and show you what the next steps are.

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Climate & Energy

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. International agreements and national climate initiatives are putting pressure on companies to cut greenhouse gas emissions and innovate. Even before the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol, denkstatt played a pioneering role in helping companies to draw up their greenhouse gas inventories and implement projects aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. We operate in several countries, and offer a broad portfolio of services including energy efficiency consulting, renewable energy project design and management, political advisory and reports.

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Legal Tools

Notices, sections, orders, acts, deadlines and formalities – the law can be full of hidden pitfalls for the uninitiated. It’s good to know we are there to guide you and your projects along safe paths, and make sure everything is within the bounds of the law.

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Nature Conservation

Economic progress and nature preservation needn’t be mutually exclusive. By adopting the right holistic approach we can reconcile your business goals with environmental conservation.

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Waste & Resource Management

Developing waste disposal systems and integrated waste management systems designed to meet the highest technical, environmental and institutional standards poses big challenges for countries, regions, public authorities, private companies and other organisations. We have a quarter of a century of experience of such projects in Austria, and have also provided consulting services to numerous other countries, mainly in Europe. We do not provide off-the-shelf solutions, but work with our clients to find the policies best suited to their needs.

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