Notices, sections, orders, acts, deadlines and formalities – the law can be full of hidden pitfalls for the uninitiated. It’s good to know we are there to guide you and your projects along safe paths, and make sure everything is within the bounds of the law.
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Emergency Response Plans

Due to EU Directive 2004/35/CE on environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage, it is becoming increasingly important for plant operators to act to prevent or remedy environmental damage, and minimise the risk of such damage. We draw up emergency response plans that enable you take rapid action in critical situations, and embed these measures in your organisation. It is essential for such plans to deal with: areas at risk, regular plant maintenance, alarm plans, emergency organisational measures, remedial measures, and the resources required.

Environmental and IPPC Permit Applications

Under the EU environmental impact assessment, and integrated pollution prevention and control directives, companies that perform certain activities are required to obtain IPPC permits, or permits issued on the basis of environmental impact assessments. The assessment procedure focuses on the positive and negative effects of such activities on the environment. If an activity is judged to have negative environmental impacts, action must be taken to avoid or compensate for these impacts. The national environmental authorities are empowered to impose conditions for permits in the light of this documentation.

Environmental Permitting

We support the implementation of your projects by quickly identifying the need to obtain permits, and highlighting ways of speeding up the permitting process that avoid conflicts and other obstacles. Our services cover everything from drawing up permit applications, and licence and certificate submissions to ongoing support throughout the permitting process.

Products Registration

If your company is tangled up in the red tape associated with product approval, then you’ve come to the right place. We specialise in biocide and cosmetic product approvals under current EU and Romanian law. We support you throughout the approval process, from the preparation of applications through to cooperation with the relevant authorities.

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