Economic progress and nature preservation needn’t be mutually exclusive. By adopting the right holistic approach we can reconcile your business goals with environmental conservation.
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Biodiversity Management

Diversity is a valuable resource. Our expertise helps you to implement the conservation measures that reduce or entirely prevent the negative environmental impacts of infrastructure and other projects. Such protective steps include revitalising damaged ecosystems, sustainability programmes, and the restoration of inadequately or poorly protected natural habitats. Activities like these create benefits across the board – for the environment, for you and your business, and for the general public.

Ecosystem Valuations

Economics and the environment go hand in hand. We assess the “value” of an ecosystem by collecting all of the facts and figures you need for the decision-making and planning process. Ecosystem services like these are processes that benefit everyone, especially if they are correctly used and given full management backing.

Environmental Monitoring Plans (civil engineering works)

Monitoring and control of construction work is one of our specialities. Make the most of our extensive experience of complex, large-scale building projects such as airports. Our clients include public bodies and private companies, and our projects are concerned primarily with wastewater and sludge treatment, recycling and leakages. Environmental monitoring plans encompass the following activities: project reviews, work plans, reviews of safety plans, quality assurance, environmental management, health coordination, general technical support, monthly reporting, assessments and analyses, and monitoring.

Natura 2000 Assessment

Natura 2000 is a European preventive environmental protection tool based on the EU Habitats Directive. The assessment procedure examines plans, programmes, projects and investments that may potentially have a negative impact on the environment. Play safe, and let denkstatt and its network of experts draw up measures that will ensure that your project is given a clean bill of health.

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