denkstatt Austria and denkstatt Bulgaria are part of a European consortium which aims at advancing the Investor Confidence Project (ICP) in Europe through the EU Commission’s Horizon 2020 initiative. The goal of the project is to establish energy efficiency as a specific asset class that will enable capital markets to invest in building renovations.


Building Renovations are the Key to Energy Independence

The potential for renovating existing buildings in Europe to reduce energy imports, generate financial savings, create jobs and avoid the impacts of climate change, is considerable – and largely untapped.

The investment needed to achieve the EU climate targets requires substantial financing from private sector institutions who view building renovation projects as safe, reliable and profitable investments. But despite the promise of attractive returns on investment, lack of confidence in energy savings and the often prohibitive transaction costs create a substantial barrier to investors and building owners.


The Investor Confidence Project Europe

ICP Europe addresses this problem by standardising how energy efficiency projects are developed, measured and documented and thereby helps project teams deliver more predictable returns to investors, reduce transaction costs and allow for the unleashing of private capital into the market. ICP Europe’s primary tool in this effort is its suite of European Open Source Energy Performance Protocols that assemble existing standards and best practices into a standardised and transparent process.

These can be used by any participant in an energy efficiency building retrofit marketplace to improve the investment quality of the project. The ICP process ensures project teams using the Protocols deliver consistent documentation and that the Investor Ready Energy Efficiency™ projects meet equivalent and comparable standards so that they can be assessed, compared and aggregated across geographies.


Become part of ICP Europe!

The Investor Confidence Project Europe depends on the involvement of investors and lenders, the energy efficiency industry, property owners, government agencies, and other stakeholders for its success.


ICP Europe is convening these stakeholders to establish standard protocols for developing energy efficiency projects in Europe in a group called the Technical Forum. Technical Forum members help ICP Europe to develop open source tools and resources that meet the needs of European investors, property owners, and energy efficiency project developers seeking to develop and invest in high quality building energy renovation projects.


Join the Technical Forum:


Become an Ally to support ICP Europe’s goals and to network with other industry leaders:




For further information please contact Willibald Kaltenbrunner or Andreas Lindinger in Austria and Peter Seizov in Bulgaria

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