Ecoprofit: Dealing with the challenge of corporate environmental issues

ECOPROFIT is one of the most popular modules in the EcoBusinessPlan of the Municipality of Vienna.

ECOPROFIT is one of the most popular modules in the EcoBusinessPlan of the Municipality of Vienna. This module focuses on water, mixed solid waste, hazardous waste, solvent emissions, electricity, natural gas, heating and process heat. We support our clients to develop and implement environmental projects which also reduce operating costs.


What ist the challenge?

Common challenges of companies when dealing with environmental issues are:

  • Lacking overview of the company’s environmental situation and controlling mechanisms
  • Insufficient environmental awareness among employees
  • Nonsystematic approach to tackle legal compliance concerning environmental issues

Our role is to support them meet these challenges successfully and with minimal expenses.


What has been done?

In about one year 8 workshops with basic knowledge of environmental management are held for the participants and each company has one consultant at disposal to assist with the implementation on-site. Within the individual support all relevant company activities are scrutinized to detect saving potentials. Improvement measures are then designed assessed and implemented. Additionally, consultants support businesses in finding their way through the many provisions of environmental laws and regulations and help them understand which are of relevance for their business.

An independent commission assesses the progress made before granting the ECOPROFIT award.


What is the concrete benefit?

By implementing their environmental protection projects, the Ökoprofit participants are able to reduce their operating expenses. Additionally, most investments in environmental protection have a payback period of less than two years.

Some of the program’s strong points are the stimulus for change it provides, the raising of environmental awareness, opportunity for a systematic analysis of a business’s current situation, and the enhanced company image as a result of winning an award. The innovative impact of the measures proposed is also greatly appreciated by the participating businesses.

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