Globul: Corporate Responsibility Report 2010

The inquiry of the client to elaborate its first Corporate Responsibility Report is in fact their attempt to put together the story of their achievements and ambitious targets for the future.


GLOBUL wished to strengthen its corporate reputation by publishing the first GRI compliant corporate responsibility report among Bulgarian businesses.

The challenge

The GRI sustainability reporting guidelines require large quantity of data and demonstration of unprecedented for Bulgarian companies level of transparency. It was very difficult to collect and analyze the necessary data and then to reach an agreement on the public disclosure of information that satisfies simultaneously GRI requirements and GLOBUL as well as COSMOTE management.

Our work

denkstatt took over the overall management of the report elaboration process. Our team organized data collection, proposed structure and contents, drafted initial texts, translated the final document in English and managed the GRI check. We worked in a very close collaboration with the GLOBUL team to ensure the quality of the product.

The Report covers all aspects of GLOBUL activities in 2010, which are related with the company’s corporate responsibility, and provides detailed data on achieved outcomes. The information is structured according to four main areas of corporate responsibility, including environment, society, employees and marketplace. GLOBUL achieved level “B” of accountability according to the GRI.


GLOBUL was recognized as the pioneer in sustainability reporting in Bulgaria. The Corporate Responsibility Section received very positive internal and external feedback on its work. Employees found the report extremely useful to get to know the company and its sustainability efforts. NGOs praised the report and the quality of data. Other companies and even governmental institutions expressed their willingness to follow the same way.


GLOBUL committed to publish a Corporate Responsibility Report annually and meanwhile has released a 2011 edition. It was again prepared with the consultancy support of denkstatt.


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