Social design is all about optimising personal and communication networks. We aim to help you build effective partnerships, reap the rewards of dialogue, and ensure that your people are all pulling in the same direction. From an organisational perspective, this involves shaping the team and management cultures, and the overall structure with a view to injecting clarity, energy and agility into the business. Involving individuals, organisations and various other stakeholders in decision-making and awareness raising processes is a major priority. One of the main goals of social design is involving stakeholders in a way that enhances knowledge, expertise, effectiveness, communication and understanding, opening the way for the broad based implementation of new ideas and solutions.
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Change Management

If your organisation or team is facing an exceptional test over a specified period of time, external support is highly advisable. Such assistance can range from consultation on restructuring programmes and the implementation of challenging projects to development processes aimed at addressing a variety of issues.

Management Development

The importance of management is usually only noticed when it is missing. We all have a variety of notions of what makes a good manager in the back of our heads – a hero, a father figure, a general, an expert or a friend. Are managers made or born? Managerial success depends on balancing a whole range of factors: managing yourself and managing processes; appreciating the value of other people’s work and building a clear picture of employees’ roles; and developing expertise in a range of management tools and becoming familiar with their effectiveness. A management review helps you to quickly gain an insight into the managerial styles employed in your organisation, and generates coordinated proposals for developing your management team. Management training courses allow managers to take a detailed look at their own style, their expectations of the role, and day-to-day managerial practice.

Systemic Organisational Development

Organisations are living social organisms that are constantly changing and need to respond to a variety of external influences. This internal and external complexity must be constantly addressed to preserve the organisation’s ability to act. Communication lies at the heart of all organisations, and that means they are reliant on the people charged with managing that communication. Organisational development can support impending change processes by reinvigorating the entire system. Our organisational reviews identify the right starting points for such programmes.

Teambuilding and Coaching

Teams are the key to success for any organisation. The more your employees see themselves as self-directed team members, and the more smoothly these teams collaborate, the more successful organisation your organisation will be. We do our bit by offering team building and coaching programmes with the extra bonus of a sustainability dimension. Our team reviews quickly pick up situations that sow discord, and identify means of facilitating future teamwork. Team supervision enables people to reflect on how the team operates. With team building, the focus is on making the group more than the sum of its parts.

Thinkshop Sessions

Thinkshops* are moderated brainstorming sessions designed to identify methods of increasing sustainability. This involves discussions between the representatives of an organisation and their partners on a previously agreed topic. The session is centred around your needs, but we take care not to lose sight of the idea of sustainability. Our thinkshops are mainly aimed at businesses but can be adapted to meet the needs of other types of organisation. *The name comes from the words “think” and “workshop”.

Vision and Mission

Visions guide our actions, mobilise our energy and resources, fill us with enthusiasm and breathe meaning into our work. But vision and mission based activities are not about utopias or drafting one more fine sounding text to add to the pile. The focus needs to be on shedding light on existing perceptions. How can managers bring the company’s vision to life and create a sense of ownership among employees? When will the staff commit to and endorse the vision? All of these factors are covered in our vision search sessions, along with a range of practical methods for grounding the vision. You have a vision – your actions prove it!

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