We take sustainability further. By extending the concept across the triple bottom line to encompass people, planet and profit, we put the focus firmly on your business success. Our consultancy portfolio ranges from assessments of your products and services – whatever the volume of your business – to evaluations of entire urban development schemes in terms of their sustainability and the extent to which functioning sustainability management systems are embedded in your operations.

Product Sustainability

We evaluate the environmental impacts of your products and services, and compare them with those of your competitors.

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Sustainable Buildings

Sustainable building is a very many-sided subject, with numerous aspects besides energy efficiency.

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Sustainable Business

Maintaining the economic strength of a business or region whilst also working towards environmental performance targets and stakeholder satisfaction is a challenge.

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Smart Urban Management

Currently cities are facing major challenges: During a period of strong growth and despite tight budgets, the quality of life must be preserved and improved, care must be guaranteed, economy must be cranked up, cohabitation has to work as well as resource and energy consumption need to be reduced.

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