According to a study by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, better buildings could deliver energy savings of up to 60% by 2050. Sustainable building is a very many-sided subject, with numerous aspects besides energy efficiency. These include site selection and building design, the choice of materials, and future energy and operating costs. Because of this complexity it pays to engage an experienced partner like denkstatt to provide across-the-board advice and support – particularly as our experienced consultants are familiar with the LEED® green building standards and certification process.
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Corporate and Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuous commitment of a business to act ethical and to contribute to economical development in the same time with improvement the life of its employees, their families, local communities, natural environment and society in general. CSR involves internal factors, e.g. management of people and resources, and the quality and quantity of a company’s impact on its stakeholders, the environment and the community/society. CSR methodology implementation consists of:
  • Evaluation of the social, economic and environmental impact of the organization (internally and externally) using dedicated methods and tools;
  • CSR strategy development based on stakeholder analysis, business objectives, responsible business conduct principles  and best practices;
  • CSR reporting as communication and strategy deployment tool, based on GRI framework guidelines and sustainable development principles.

 Some of the benefits

  • Innovative approach to increase business success
  • Enhanced access to markets and global supply chains
  • Efficient human resource base and enhanced staff loyalty
  • Improved brand image
  • Partnership opportunities, innovation and learning

Eco Mapping

Our eco-maps provide a graphical representation of the environmental impacts of a project at the affected site. These thematic maps enable users to recognise impacts and their locations at a glance. Eco-maps are a simple, intuitive tool that is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. They are an aid to systematic data acquisition, are ideal for communication with stakeholders, and help raise employees’ awareness of environmental issues. They are also a first step towards the introduction of environmental management systems like EMAS or ISO 14001.

Green Procurement

Given a choice between two comparable raw materials, products or suppliers, most buyers will opt for the more environmentally friendly alternative. The principle behind green procurement is as simple as that. But because practice is rarely as simple as theory, we advise on assessing products and services, and on achieving a phased transition to green procurement.

RECP – Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production

The UNIDO/ENEP Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) programme aims at the continuous application of preventive environmental strategies to processes, products and services to increase efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment. The RECP programme addresses the three sustainability dimensions individually and synergistically: Production efficiency – optimisation of the productive use of natural resources (materials, energy and water); Environmental management – minimisation of impacts on the environment and nature; Human development – minimisation of risks to people and communities, and support for their development.

Sustainability Impact Assessment

Avoiding anything that could later be prejudicial to sustainability –  that is the aim of sustainability impact assessments. These weigh up the economic, environmental and/or social impact of existing and planned legislation, and projects, to spot risks at an early stage.

Sustainability Indicators

These help give sustainability a tangible meaning, set concrete goals, and track progress and change processes. They make it easier to take account of factors besides those measured by conventional financial performance indicators – aspects that are also crucial to your company’s business success and its benefits to society.

Sustainability Management System

Sustainability isn’t built in a day. Getting there is a process, and a system is essential if the move to sustainable practices is to be more than a one-off effort that soon fizzles out. To make sustainability a permanent part of your company’s operations, you need to systematically address the issues involved. At the heart of this is risk minimisation, and action to tap potential value added along the “triple bottom line”.

Sustainability Master Plan

A company that fails to build sustainability into its strategy has no prospect of long-term value growth. The sustainability master plan is the road map that sets out your company’s targets, vectors and individual milestones as it advances towards sustainability. We help you meet all the market and legal demands involved. Your sustainability policies can only succeed if they are compatible with your corporate strategy, and will pay long-term financial dividends.

Sustainability Report

What are your organisation’s values? How far is it along the road to economic, social and environmental sustainability? Your sustainability report gives an account of your organisation’s performance along these dimensions, and the challenges ahead. In so doing, it sends out a positive message to your customers and suppliers – because it explains your company’s thinking and policy commitments, and differentiates you from the competition.

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