We are proud to announce the launch of our new THINK!LEGAL product video.

THINK!LEGAL is an EHS Legislation Management Tool which offers companies a quick overview of relevant EHS laws and applicable legal obligations. The tool contains an explanation of the scope of each law, a short summary, and implications written in a comprehensible, user-friendly language. Users can assign and easily manage tasks to fulfil the implications, create legal compliance check-lists for different law areas and generate legal compliance reports for the management. Of course, permits can be included and managed in the same way as other legal requirements.

THINK!LEGAL has been designed by legal experts and management system professionals to improve legal compliance in companies and to meet the requirements of management systems regarding compliance.

The video was created by director Daphne Samaras and her Team.

If you need more information about our software solutions visit the e-tbx.com site or contact a denkstatt consultant to get a personal introduction.

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